Meet The Team


3 Market Dimensions is committed to providing tailored research based on the individual qualities of its highly professional staff, from the fieldwork team to the higher level research directors. All are experienced across a range of research areas and techniques.    We proudly carry out research work with the highest industry standards when providing the final deliverables and reports. 

Alex D. Stil

Director, Business Development

Healthcare and B2B Panels


Great experience in managing accounts, portfolio management and knowledge of handling Market Research Projects.  Specialized in Healthcare, Physicians, Patients Studies, Business-to-Business Professionals. Ethnic and Hard to Reach Audiences through our large growing panel of over 1m.

Mark Dennis

Director, Business Development

A dynamic market research analyst with experience of conducting, analysing and interpreting customer, competitor and market intelligence across the marketing spectrum on customer segmentations and product categories.

Business to Business (B2B), Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Ethnic, Advertising, Online Marketing and Research

Jill Kendall

Vice President - B2B and Healthcare


An analytical and results-driven marketing professional with extensive experience impacting organizational performance  through expert research and analysis. Manage client service team of Market Research, Advertising, B2B, Healthcare and Ethnic Panels in USA, Canada and Europe.

Linda Smith

Account Manager at Market Dimensions


An excellent team leader and a sales oriented professional. Great abilities to handle multiple client accounts, assessing client needs, coordinating projects, implementing marketing campaigns, and handling budgets.

Sam M

Manager Client Services


Knowledgeable and resourceful Market Research Analyst with over eight years experience in collecting and analyzing data to evaluate existing and potential product and service markets; identifying and monitoring competitors and researching market conditions and changes in the industry that may affect sales.

Main focus on  B2B, B2C, Online marketing, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Ethnic.

Kevin Michael

Senior Manager Client Services


Hands on market segmention,  strategic planning and data analysis.  Great expertise in various forms of research like data mining, conducting target clientele interviews and negotiation.

Areas of expertise are B2B, B2C, Online marketing and research, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and Ethnic.